Features at a glance.

By purchasing Lithos ERP you gain a full package of services including training, consulting, technical support, customization and data migrationLithos ERP ensures easy access to vital business data via an extremely user-friendly interface.

Integrated POS
Lithos POS works with any business, be it 1 store or over 100. It works on any platform be it a PC, Windows POS machine or tablets. Its advanced features ensures flawless control of your business and provide exquisite service to your customers.
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Advanced Cloud Reporting
Store and use data to understand and grow your business. It help you to take care of your business from anywhere in the world. You will have complete control over your business through Lithos ERP right in the palm of your hand.
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Modern User Interface Design
The exceptional design of Lithos ERP make it easy to navigate and the modules are self-explanatory and allows hassle free operation. It reduce your business burden and enhance your productivity and growth.
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Fully Customizable
Lithos ERP software is fully customizable and flexible. When working on complex tasks, the first thing that matters the most is the user interface. Lithos ERP provide completely customizable interface that will leads to effortless use of the software.
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Mobile Apps
Lithos ERP give your employees familiar tools and actionable insights so they can do their best work. Our mobile Apps are created particularly for field sales staffs and warehouse. It helps to manage remote sales, customer payments, coordinate previous orders and assures complete access in to business on the go.
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GST and UAE VAT ready
Lithos ERP is compatible GCC VAT & Indian GST structure. you can generate your VAT return in XML and GST Return in JSON format. The return gets generated by breaking up the taxable sales transaction, Emirate-wise VAT as mandated by the FTA & CGST and SGST State-wise as mandated by GSTN.
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Centralized Purchase
Managing of multi location or multi departmental purchases can be managed and monitored with Lithos ERP. It helps to manage optimum inventory, smooth stock transfer, enhance the profit and drives growth. It also reduces the burden of individual purchase.
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Advanced Customizable Report
Lithos ERP has made the reports easy and transparent, You can create all the reports you need. Follow your transactions, products and inventory. Work with the combination of various reports all into one instead of going into each individual report.
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